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Kanpeki Elite™ Series 2.0

For the fighter who demands perfection at all costs and will stand for nothing less, Hayabusa proudly introduces the Kanpeki Elite™ series, version 2.0!

One look says it all; unrivaled performance, master craftsmanship, and immaculate quality. Hayabusa can proudly claim that with the Kanpeki Elite series, a new pinnacle in professional caliber combat equipment has come about. One that may never be surpassed!


The Kanpeki Elite series represents a true unrivaled fusion of old world tradition and new world scientific discovery. Witness the exquisite full grain premium leather that adorns each hand-designed and artisan-crafted element of this elite combat equipment line. From the look, touch, and even smell…no other line of combat equipment captures the overtones of battle equipment that harkens to days gone by, the way only Kanpeki can.


Yet the traditional look and feel is but a veneer for the underlying scientifically conceived and tested design. Down to the finest engineering details, nothing has been left to chance. Consider the revolutionary technological innovations that together, create the Kanpeki Elite experience. The look is one of tradition, but the equipment is molded to provide unparalleled functionality, durability, and performance.


When the greatest fighters reach the highest peaks, they demand the greatest line of combat equipment. It’s for these men and women that Hayabusa has created Kanpeki Elite. Welcome to the summit!

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Kanpeki Elite 2.0 Grappling Shinguards
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Kanpeki Elite 2.0 4oz MMA Gloves
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