1. PRO Leather Deluxe Training Gloves Black

PRO Leather Deluxe Training Gloves Black

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PRO Leather Deluxe Training Gloves Black
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The Pro Leather Deluxe Training Gloves are a masterpiece in it's own with it's sleek design and giving you enough room to have your hand wraps on without giving you the traditional oversized swim-space that other companies offer. Our thumb attachment uses superior stitching and workmanship so that it is anti-thumbing and perfectly aligned so that you can keep on punching and let us do the worrying for you. Latex Infused Rebond allows the glove to have the solid and firm feeling the boxers love and has a soft latex core to allow the absorption of even the strongest punches! When we made these gloves we only had one thing in mind and that was protection, whether the protection came from our world class thumb attachment  or if it was the latex infused rebond signature padding we are so proud of! Pro Leather Deluxe Training Gloves are great for sparring, heavy bag training, focus mitt and pad work, and great for shadow boxing. The velcro closure lets you get into the game as soon as 1..2..3 so that your boxing hype isn't restrained for even one moment! Evenly distributed padding protects your entire hand and creates a tight and compact design. Top grain leather shell Shock-absorbing, high-density foam core Thumb attached for added safety.

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