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How To Wrap Your Hands With Hand Wraps

Posted by on 9/6/2016
Although there are many ways to wrap your hand with hand wraps; one may wonder which way is the correct way if not the wrong way. Others may say that their way is more prevalent and superior in every form, where another will beg to differ. I will instruct you on how to keep your fingers, wrist, joints, and knuckles secure with hand wraps so that it can take all the punishment you are willing to expose your hands to. CLICK HERE TO READ ON

4 Handwraps for the price of 3 [FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED]

Posted by on 8/2/2016
4 Handwraps for the price of 3 [FREE SHIPPING Included in the USA]
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10% off storewide sale!

Posted by on 7/27/2016
We are having a 10% off storewide sale effective now for 1 week and this sale ends august 3rd 2016.
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Where to Buy Boxing Equipment?

Posted by on 7/11/2016
It can be hard and frustrating when you are searching for a boxing equipment store. Many people shop online and get irritated when they receive the product. It may look good on the website and size charts may be helpful at times but size charts aren't always accurate and an item may look good but it may not fit right or feel comfortable especially when it comes to trying to size boxing shoes, jiujitsu gi, karate uniforms and many other products and it's best to try on the equipment before buying. That is why a brick and mortar store is always more appealing.

Should I Put My Daughter In Boxing Or Martial Arts?

Posted by on 6/20/2016
Parents pose many questions and some of those questions are "Should I put my daughter in boxing or martial arts?" and  "What age should my kids be to put them in boxing or martial arts?" We will go in depth about this subject so read on if you are interested.

Elevation Training Mask 2.0

Posted by on 6/19/2016
Should you buy the elevation training mask 2.0? Is the elevation training mask 2.0 worth the money and will it really increase your performance? We will look into those questions and you can decide for yourself whether it is the right product for you.

Is my Adidas AIBA Competition approved headguard also approved by USA Boxing?

Posted by on 6/16/2016
Is my Adidas AIBA ( Amateur International Boxing Association) Competition approved headgear also approved by USA Boxing?

Cleto Reyes Speed Bag

Posted by on 6/10/2016
The Cleto Reyes Brand is a made in mexico line that offers high quality product and they made boxing gloves, speed bag, speed bag swivels and more.

How Long Should I Work Out For?

Posted by on 6/9/2016
Many people ask this question time and time again but it is really a simple matter but it can be really frustrating when you are starting out as a new boxer or martial artist. Should you work out for hours on end? When should you rest and many other questions may arise and I hope that I can answer most of your questions.

What's the difference between sparring gloves and bag gloves?

Posted by on 6/9/2016
Many may find bag gloves and sparring gloves to be a rather complicated comparison but it is very simple to distinguish the two. I will be talking about bag gloves can also be used for sparring and vice versa. We will cover the difference between lace up and Velcro boxing gloves as well. The different concepts and mentalities of boxer's may vary when it comes to comparing sparring gloves and bag gloves.

Do I Need To Wrap My Hands?

Posted by on 6/5/2016
Do you hate foul odors, hand, wrist, and joint injuries and do you want your boxing gloves to last as much as possible? If you answered yes to any of those questions then please proceed to read on, you may find this article really useful and learn something new.