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PRO Boxing Equipment manufacturers quality products built to last.

Welcome to PRO Boxing Equipment, your one-stop-shop for all your pro boxing equipment and gear!

Starting out as PRO Boxing in the early 1970s, later fully Established as PRO Boxing Equipment in 1980, PRO Boxing Equipment has grown to become one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of U.S.-made pro boxing equipment, MMA gear & fitness equipment.

We don’t only make and sell the best grapple dummy in the world, we also have a wide selection of punching dummies, punching bags, boxing gloves, boxing rings, punching bag stand and more. ProBoxingEquipment.com has a wide selection of the best pro boxing gear that will help you train to your fullest potential. We also make the custom punching bags on the choice of customers.

We have your Professional punching heavy bag or freestanding, reflex or speciality bags. When it comes to pro boxing gloves, ProBoxingEquipment.com has it all!

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PRO Boxing Wall Mount Training Bag
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PRO USA Professional Cage Panel Walls
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PRO Punching Paddles (Pair)
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PRO Boxing Headgear
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