Best boxing gloves in the world There are many brands of gloves with different designs and with borrowing quality prices and made of different materials like synthetic or natural leather. And no doubt choosing the right pair is one of the most important parts before entering the world of fighting sports. Every good boxer needs a great pair of boxing gloves that could provide a good cushion for your finger joints to give the shock of a punch to your opponent. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner, you can’t just blindly pick the most appealing gloves and make your first steps in the ring. Using the wrong gloves will injure you badly. That’s why you must invest time in picking the right gloves for yourself. Read further to know how to pick the best gloves for your fight: What should be the size and weight of boxing Gloves? Gloves used in boxing are differentiated in ounces (oz.) with sizes 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz. If your workout is for the heavy bag then 10 oz gloves are the most preferred but for sparring mostly 14, 16, 18, and 20 oz gloves are recommended. But still, you have to choose gloves according to your hand circumference and body weight and check in practice sessions whether they allow you to protect your face and reduce the danger of a knockout. You can choose sizes that fit you accordingly. Your height, weight, and circumference of your hand are necessary information you must know before picking the best gloves for you. And you can use a string to cover around your hand and mark it then measure that string length against a ruler. ? In the light welterweight class, Fighters with (141lb.) – use 10oz. gloves ? In divisions welterweight (152lb.) to super heavyweight (above 201lb.), fighters use 12oz. gloves ? In the Masters’ Division class, fighters who are 40 plus in age, fighters commonly use 16oz. Gloves for the fight. Gloves size also varies slightly according to different brands, read that particular brand’s size charts before you pick a pair for your fight. Different Types of gloves Vinyl and leather are the most common fabrics used for gloves in boxing that may affect the comfort, cost, and durability of the glove. Use gloves accordingly with your session either for practice, sparring, or fighting. Training Gloves – These gloves can be used for a variety of training and are multi-functional. These are the best to start whether you are a beginner or pro in boxing. It is a kind of all-purpose glove in boxing because you can use it either for sparring or bag work. They also perform better in other types of boxing, like Thai Boxing. Bag Gloves – Bag gloves are gloves used in boxing that are specifically designed to be used in bag work. Nowadays, bag gloves are also effectively training gloves with extra padding, designed specifically to protect your hands when hitting a heavy bag. What to choose Velcro or laces? While doing boxing Laces equip better support for your wrist and also fit more suitable in your hand but are considered completely impracticable on the regular training for most boxers. They take time to put on and take off from your hand, and you won’t be capable to tie them up yourself and will ultimately have to rely on some other person or your trainer to help you out. For this reason, lace-up gloves are only used by professionals and not for people at an amateur level. On the other hand, Velcro gloves in boxing will work better for this job and are just as fine and can be put on in seconds without anyone’s assistance. Also, these are almost tightly fit as the laces gloves. But keep in mind to choose lighter weight gloves with more padding like: ? If you are an amateur and unsure about what to buy as a beginner in fighting, then buy all-purpose training gloves ? Buy gloves that are lighter in weight and are more flexible, especially for martial arts MMA competitions. ? If hitting heavy boxing bags only for training purposes, then buy thicker padded gloves (16 oz or above) ? Buy heavier gloves (14 oz and up) if training or sparring. ? For the competition in the ring, buy lightweight gloves like almost 10 oz. Leather or Vinyl gloves Vinyl gloves for boxing are usually more affordable, but Vinyl is also less breathable and may cause your hands to get too hot and sweaty. For that reason, vinyl gloves are used widely to make good gloves for beginners and amateurs. But leather gloves are always a better choice than vinyl because of the long-lasting duration and the comfort of leather fabric over vinyl. However, leather gloves are more costly than Vinyl but leather gloves for boxing are worth their price and provide a better experience than vinyl. By keeping in mind all this information, you can pick the best pair of gloves for your fight.



Date 10/11/2022

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