Wearing hand wraps is a must and it matters not that you are a beginner or an expert which is what most people are deceived to believe. It only takes a slight shift of an angle and as little as 1 pound of force in your punch to injure your wrist or any other joint or bone. Did you know that sweat can erode the leather in your boxing gloves by drying and ripping since it contains salicylic acid? I recommend having at least 2 pairs of hand wraps and to always wear hand wraps before you put your boxing gloves on. Remember to wash hand wraps on a regular basis or it won't effectively absorb the odor which in turn will lead to foul smelling gloves.  Wrapping your hands with hand wraps only takes about a minute or two and the benefits that follows the minute or two of patience is priceless. Right now we have a sale going on on our hand wraps which includes free shipping to your door and I highly recommend buying these hand wraps before the the promotion ends. Thank you for being a valued customer and have a wonderful day!



Date 1/6/2021

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