The elevation training mask 2.0 is an amazing product unlike any other of it's class, it actually has a class of it's own if I may say so. It simulate high altitude training and can make your 20 minute workout feel like an hour, yes it makes every bit of effort tripled for the same workout you do without the mask. The elevation training mask 2.0 has a concept similar to heavy boxing gloves for example 18oz, you train with heavier boxing gloves in order to get accustomed to the heavier weight so when you switch to a 10 or 12oz or even bare hands you feel a lot quicker than you normally are since you took away the inconvenience of weight away from your workout. Same idea when you use ankle weights, if you run for a month with 10lb ankle weight on each ankle amassing to 20lbs of extra weight and you can run fast with those, imagine how much faster you would be without ankle weights. Same thing with the elevation training mask 2.0 if you restrict airflow and can do an intensive workout for an hour imagine how much more stamina you will attain and how much you can do without the mask. This mask is worth the money and if this cost $99.99 I would still pay for it. We are offering this item for free shipping in the usa excluding Hawaii and Alaska, if you are outside of the usa please email or call us for a quote.



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