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Exercise bat (Indian club) 5 lbs (single)
Exercise bat (Indian club) 5 lbs (single)

Exercise bat (Indian club) 5 lbs (single)

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Exercise bat (Indian club) 5 lbs (single)
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The E-Bats are 21st Century easy to use version of ancient martial arts training weaponry. The clubs or "Meels" originated when many Persians traveled to India due to the Mongolian invasions around the 13th century. The Persians adapted the Indian forms of clubs and developed the larger sized and heavier clubs we now know as Persian Meels. Over time, these clubs have changed into many different shapes, forms and sizes. The more conventional shapes are the Indian Clubs and Power Swing Clubs because of the simplicity in the design. Build strong, powerful forearms and greatly improve your grip with E-Bat training. The sleek design is made for power movements such as rotational swings, presses, squats, cleans and holds.

The E-Bat series are designed and made of cast iron with a smooth black finish and machined handle for consistent and safe grip. Symmetrically balanced for optimum weight equalization. The sleek design is ideal for all power and rotational movements.

Sold individually, the E-Bat series comes in 5lb to 20lb in 5lb increments. The lighter clubs (5 lb and 10 lb) have a thinner grip diameter, so you can perform wrist and hand rotational exercises, and the heavier clubs (15lb and 20lb) are better suited for power swings and presses.

These are the ultimate upper body workout tool. Club swinging will help tone your biceps, triceps, back, pecs, shoulders and even your abs. Nothing could be easier!

Recommend Buying One Pair.