Although there are many ways to wrap your hand with hand wraps; one may wonder which way is the correct way if not the wrong way. Others may say that their way is more prevalent and superior in every form, where another will beg to differ. I will instruct you on how to keep your fingers, wrist, joints, and knuckles secure with hand wraps so that it can take all the punishment you are willing to expose your hands to. I will write the instructions out and I have attached an instructional video on how to do so.
Step 1. Apply the thumb loop of the hand wraps onto your thumb, move it away from your thumb, towards your wrist.
Step 2. Wrap the hand wraps around the wrist into complete turns a few times (1 or 2 complete turns depending on your hand wrap length)
Step 3. Take the hand wrap and run it between your pinky and ring finger.
Step 4. Go to the index finger
Step 5. Cross over to the ball of wrist and do 1 or 2 complete turns
Step 6. Run the hand wraps between your ring and middle finger
Step 7. Take the hand wrap to the index and cross over to the ball of the wrist once more.
Step 8. Finally you will run the hand wrap between the middle finger and the index finger take it to the index and return to the ball of the wrist.
Step 9. 1 to 2 complete turns around the wrist then have the hand wraps go toward the outside of the pinky finger and make a few complete turns around the knuckles.
Step 10. Return to the ball of the wrist make a few complete turns then wrap around the thumb 2 or 3 times, return to the wrist and close the wraps.