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PRO Boxing Sparring Boxing Headgear
PRO Boxing Sparring Boxing Headgear Latex Foam Padding

PRO Boxing Sparring Boxing Headgear

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It is made of durable leather with a buckle chin strap. More well-padded than any other headgear.
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This sparring boxing headgear designed for maximum protection

Made with high-quality leather, it meets all your Boxing requirements. Adjustable and easy to fit to ensure a perfect fit.


lightweight headgear with soft inner padding, feels like a second skin. Elevate your game with this exceptional wrestling headgear.


Experience the sensation of this headgear. You'll forget it's even there, allowing you to focus solely on your game. Elevate your performance with the pro boxing headgear that's as exceptional as you are.


Core Features

  • latex foam padding
  • made with durable leather
  • buckle chin strap and lace for rear and top adjustment
  • Available in two sizes regular (S/M) and large (L/XL)
  • Light weight shock absorbing foam
  • designed for a secure fit                                               




Why choose pro boxing Headgear

We care about your safety. Everything we do, from choosing the materials to making the product, is focused on keeping you safe. We strictly make sure it meets all standards for your protection.

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