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PRO Sports Boxing Double End Bag
PRO Sports Double End Bag -Black Leather

PRO Sports Boxing Double End Bag

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PRO Sports Boxing Elite Double End Bag Available in different sizes and colors.
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Professionally elite "round shape" design is ideal for advanced athletes. Challenging sleek target helps develop pin-point accuracy and precision sharpness with all punches and strikes. 100% full grain leather cover is triple nylon stitched with added leather welted seams for incredible longevity. Triple-ply leather security loops on top and bottom are riveted for intense action. Comes complete with butyl rubber inner bladder for lightning quick rebounds, top and bottom hanging cords, and S-Hooks. Sizes: XS (5" X 5"), S (6" X 6"), M (7" X 7"), L (8" X 8"), XL (9" X 9")

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