Sparring gloves vary depending on age, size, and sometimes even gender. You wouldn't provide the same sparring gloves to a 8 year old kid as you would to an adult. An 8 year old would probably use 10 or 12oz sparring gloves while a teenager wouldn't use anything lower than a 14oz boxing glove for sparring. Teenagers and adults have a bare minimum of 14oz sparring gloves and some gyms wouldn't let you use anything lower than a 16oz sparring glove due to liability issues. The more ounce the glove is the heavier and more padded it will be hence the bare minimum of 14oz for teenagers and adults. Bag gloves on the other hand can weigh any weight you prefer depending on your workout preferences, whether you want to work on speed and technique or power. Most people prefer lace up boxing gloves as sparring gloves and some would never use Velcro boxing gloves for sparring. Some will even go to the extent to call all Velcro boxing gloves as bag gloves since Velcro tends to peel off and scratch people unless you have a strong velcro and there is no overlap. You can use a 14oz sparring glove as a bag glove since it has the bare minimum ounce to be called a sparring glove and there is no real requirements for bag gloves and you can use any weight you want. You also have to test the padding and see that it is soft enough for sparring but not worn out so that your sparring partner will not feel more impact than necessary since it is sparring and not a street brawl. Depending on preference you can have 2 pairs of boxing gloves or just 1 glove for both bag and sparring workouts. Remember if you want to use 1 pair of gloves rather than 2, always keep to your minimum padding weight so that it will qualify for sparring and punching bag training.
I have a few pairs of gloves that I recommend for all in one training below.
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